International Telecommunications Components (ITC)

Specializing in the manufacturing and testing of waveguide and coaxial components.   

Our administrative and manufacturing facilties are located in Deer Park, NY. We are classified as a small business.




Quality waveguide components at affordable prices.





Specializing in expedited delivery of rigid and flexible waveguides, adapters and passive waveguide components. I.T.C. also offers thinwall capability in any assembly configuration.




Sometimes you make electronics back from the manufacturer that are just not good even if they have been good in the past. Make sure you watch over your customer reviews and see what people say about each batch of product you put out there. If you notice that there is a lot of problems with a certain back then you need to make sure you pull the rest of it and get the electronics production company to remake what they messed up. If you don’t listen to your customers you may end up not having very many in the long run.